Piercing Gallery


Tattoo Depot prides it’s self on being the cleanest and safest place  for your piercing and jewelry needs. You can be assured that everything we use  is new and/or autoclaved (single use needles). We have professionally trained piercers that have learned from some of the founders of the piercing industry, in America. And continue their education every day on new piercing, sterilization, and Bloodborne Pathogen procedures. Every piercer in our store goes through strict training and certification completion every year (all on file).  Not just one person like most other stores.

We will let you know what kind of jewelry is best for your piercing and what kind of piercings are a danger to you. We are here to help you with your piercing and jewelry needs. Your money not only buys your piercing but it also pays for our expertise and any follow up questions-problems you may have.  We have a wide selection of top quality jewelry and after care products available at low prices. We do not take jewelry back as trade-ins for resale. We feel this is not a safe practice for us or you. We are not here to take your money like other stores. We are here to help you with your piercing and jewelry needs in a safe way.

osha.jpgThank you for your business and thank you for reading.